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-Service Across Canada-

In order to achieve your Drone Pilot Certificate - Advanced Operation you will need to:

  1. Pass the Small Advanced Exam via Drone Management Portal

  2. Pass a Flight Review

Visualize UAV Ltd. is able to provide professional flight reviews across Canada.   Our flight review procedure is in accordance with Transport Canada standard TP 15395E and CAR standard 921.02.  The goal of an RPAS flight review is to ensure all candidates possess the required skills to plan, and execute a safe and efficient  RPAS flight. 

Visualize UAV Ltd. will provide registered candidates with a 7 Steps to Success Guide! This document will give you an inside look as to what is required and what the flight reviewer will be assessing you on!  

Our flight reviewers are friendly industry professionals, and love what they do! 

To take your flight review you must have:

  1. A digital or physical copy of your successfully completed small advanced exam

  2. Valid government issued identification that provides your name and date of birth

  3. Drone certificate of registration

  4. Documentation outlined in our 7 Steps to Success Guide

We offer a Flight Review prep course in select locations!  Contact us for details! 

  • Flight Review Prep - $289.00  per student​

    • Includes classroom & flight training

    • Receive a 10% discount on your flight review

Our flight reviewers are currently based out of:

Fort McMurray, Calgary, Edmonton, Abbotsford, Yellowknife, Regina, Saskatoon, Sussex (NB), Fredericton, Halifax, and St John's.

Booking your flight review is simple! Send us an email or call, make the payment, and our flight reviewer will coordinate a date, time and location!  Weather? No problem re-schedule at no extra cost!

Visualize UAV Ltd. offers great service and believe that flight reviews shouldn't break the bank. We offer a discount to anyone between the Ages 16-19.

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