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As drone applications are increasing in popularity, the knowledge required to operate a drone safely in Canadian airspace shouldn’t be ignored.  Whether you are flying recreationally or commercially, ground school training is essential to a safe and successful drone flight. Our ground school training is in accordance with Transport Canada standard TP 15263E. Currently the certificate of completion is recognized when applying for a special flight operations certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada.  This training course will also prepare drone pilots whom wish to achieve their Drone Pilot Certificate in Basic or Advanced Operation ahead of the new regulations, which come into force June 1st 2019. 


Our course is broken into 15 sections to cover all "Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems 250g up to and including 25kg, Operating within Visual Line of Sight." This course is a mixture of theory and hands on learning. 

Included in the cost of the ground school training is the Restricted Operators Certificate - Aeronautical (ROC-A) examination. 

Course Option and Fee:

  • Scheduled Course & Flight Training - $799.00 + GST per student

  • Scheduled Course - $649.00 + GST per student

  • Private or On Site Course & Flight Training - 649.00 + GST per student

  • Private or On Site Course - $499.00 + GST per student

    • Requires a minimum of 5 students

    • Travel expenses may apply

Current Course Offering: 

  • Fort McMurray - TBA 

  • Flight training offered 

  • Send us an email to register or book your private course

Visualize UAV Ltd also offers document preparation & consulting:

  • Standard Operation Procedures 

  • Company Operations Manuals

  • Updating your current program

  • Help kick start a drone division within your organization 

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